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Western Digital My Passport Ultra-Portable Hard Drive 2tb Setup

The Western Digital Ultra Portable 2TB external hard drive is a small and portable hard drive that can securely store your files offline. The WD My Passport Ultra comes with the software which can be easily installed on your Windows/Mac computer. After connecting the WD My Passport Ultra to the computer, launch the application found inside the drive and follow the on-screen tips to set up the drive.

How To Set Up Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB Windows 10

Follow these guidelines to set up WD My Passport Ultra 2TB on a Windows 10 computer.

  • Unpack the WD My Passport Ultra and connect it to the Windows 10 computer with the USB cable provided.
  • Open the file explorer/manager and check whether the WD drive is listed.
  • A Found New Hardware notification appears. Click the Cancel button.
  • Double-click the WD My Passport Ultra drive and then double-click the WD Apps Setup icon.
  • The 'Welcome to the WD Software Installer' window appears. Click Next.
  • Ensure that the 'Recommended' radio button is selected and click the T&C agreement checkbox below. Click Next.
  • If you choose 'Custom Installation,' you should choose the WD applications that have to be installed on your computer. Click Next.
  • After the WD My Passport Ultra applications are installed, a desktop shortcut for each application is created.
  • The 'Installation Complete' screen appears. Click Finish. Click the 'Check for Updates' button to search for updates and apply them to the WD application.
  • You can configure settings such as 'Back up files,' 'Set security,' and 'Manage your drive' later on. The 'Set security' feature lets you set a password for the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB drive.
  • You can also set the computer's admin account to always have access to the drive without having to enter a password. The 'backup features' option lets you backup data on the WD drive to the WD Cloud.

How To Setup Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB With Mac

Here are the guidelines to set up the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive on a Mac computer.

  • Attach the WD My Passport hard drive to your Mac computer.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon (Spotlight) and type Disk Utility. Select the Disk Utility program from the search result list.
  • The Mac Disk Utility window appears.
  • Make sure that the WD My Passport Ultra is selected on the left-hand side panel.
  • Click the Erase tab. Select 'ExFAT' from the drop-down list. (Using this format lets you connect this WD drive to a Windows or Mac computer.) Click Erase.
  • The 'Untitled' drive should appear on the desktop. If not, click the Finder icon on the dock, and the Untitled drive will be displayed in the 'Devices' section. Rename it and use it just like you would use a USB stick.
  • If you need to use this WD My Passport drive on your Mac computer extensively, follow these steps.
  • Go to Disk Utility and click the Erase tab. Choose the 'Mac OS' option from the 'Format' drop-down list. Click the Partition tab and click the + icon to partition the drive. Clicking it multiple times creates many partitions.
  • Click on - to delete a partition. Click a partition and type the size of the partition in the 'Size' field to set the partition size manually. Type a partition name that you can understand easily. (For example, type photos for the partition where you want to store photos.)
  • Set the format type as 'Mac OS(Journaled)' and then, click Apply Partition. Wait until the partition operation is completed. The partitions now appear on the desktop.
  • You can configure the larger partition to act as a Time Machine by following these steps.
  • Open System Preferences and locate the Time Machine icon. Click it. Toggle Time Machine on.
  • Click 'Add or Remove Backup Disk' and select the partition. (If you did not rename the large partition, it would appear as 'Untitled' on the list.) Verify that this is the correct partition by taking a look at the storage size in TB, and click Use Disk.
  • Now, this partition of the WD My Passport Ultra drive acts as a Time Machine on your Mac computer.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB Driver Windows 10

If you encounter WD My Passport Ultra detection issues on your Windows 10 computer, try changing the USB cable. If that does not solve the WD detection issue, you can download the WD My Passport software on your computer and install it.Here are the guidelines to download the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive driver on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Go to 'https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx' on your web browser.
  • Select the WD My Passport Ultra from the 'Filter by Product' drop-down list. Click Submit.
  • Scroll down to the WD My Passport Ultra Downloads section and click the + button beside the WD Drive Utilities for Windows option. Read the WD Drive Utilities description and click Download.
  • Run WD Drive Utilities on your computer as an administrator and follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver on your computer.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB Mac Driver

When attempting to connect the My Passport Ultra hard drive to your Mac computer, it does not get detected. You could try changing the WD hard drive's USB cable. If the WD hard drive detection issue persists, you can easily download its software from the official support site and install it on your computer.Here are the guidelines to download and install the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB driver on your Mac computer.

  • Go to the Western Digital official Support site and click the Menu button at the top-left portion of the page.
  • Choose Downloads WD Software.
  • Choose the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive from the drop-down list and click Submit.
  • Go to the WD Drive Utilities for Mac option and click it. The Download button appears.
  • Read the WD Drive Utilities for Mac description and download the file on your computer. Run it on your Mac computer and configure your WD My Passport 2TB hard drive.