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Western Digital SSD Clone Software

Using the Acronis True Image WD Edition software, you can clone the hard drive containing all the contents of the application and the operating system files to another hard drive or SSD on Mac and Windows devices. Even if you lose the files in the hard drive, you can recover the files with the True Image Western Digital SSD Clone Software. The following steps will help you to clone a hard drive or SSD content to another SSD or HDD;

Western Digital SSD Clone Software

Acronis True Image WD Edition setup:

  • Connect the source, and the destination drives to the computer.
  • Visit the official WD website, then choose the product & your region, and then download the WD Acronis True image WD software.
  • Now, open the WD installer file which you downloaded.
  • If the User Account Control asks permission to run the file, select Yes to allow and proceed.
  • Next, the Acronis WD Edition window shows up on the screen.
  • Select the Install menu to begin the installation.
  • After that, read the License Agreement, tick the checkbox below the agreement to accept the terms & policies, and click Next.
  • You can choose a storage location to save the Acronis WD software and click Next.
  • Check the Setup Summary that displays in the WD window, if there is any change, go back, make the changes, and then select Proceed to continue.
  • When the Western Digital SSD Clone Software installation is complete, click the Start application button to launch the Acronis True Image WD Edition program.

To clone:

  • In the Acronis window, select the Clone disk menu to continue with cloning hard drive.
  • Under Clone Disk Wizard, choose Automatic as the clone mode and select Next. If you want to select the cloning data manually, then choose Manual.
  • Next, select the source disk from which you have to clone the data and click Next.
  • Then, you have to select the target disk on which the cloned data gets stored; if you have not deleted the files on the target destination, then the system prompts to erase them; click OK to delete the files in the target disk.
  • A summary of the cloning appears, go through it and select Proceed.
  • After cloning, when the system prompts to restart, go ahead and follow the guided instructions.
  • Once the computer restarts, then the operation status appears on the desktop. Check if the cloning is successful and if the target disk holds all the cloned files.